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Ring a/o (Blue/Remington)

Ring a/o (Blue/Remington)

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This key belongs to a very Unique Remington Portable from the 1920´s. It was a very special typewriter because it held a mechanism in which you "pop-up" the typebars which are raised for use via a side lever and lay back flat for storage. The uniqueness of this specific one is the color of the keys: a beautiful cold blue that I have never seen in any other typewriter. 

Regards the symbols, These uncommon signs are called "ordinal indicators" and in English orthography, this corresponds to the suffixes -st-nd-rd, etc, commonly placed on the superior right side of the number and often underlined. There is masculine ordinal indicator (º) and feminine ordinal indicator (ª) in the Spanish language, so for me these keys represent the balance between the feminine and the masculine. There is also a german expression which says "you are my A and my O", meaning "you are everything to me".

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