Antique Typewriter Jewelry

Vintage typewriter keys transformed into unique amulets.

Every key belongs to an old original manual typewriter aged between 70 and 100 years old, therefore each piece of jewelry is unique and unrepeatable. Every typewriter that I recycled was broken and rescued from being thrown away. Converting this keys into jewelry is a way of giving them a second life.


The most classical way to wear these antique keys is in the shape of a light necklace as an amulet from another century. I designed the holder to be as simple and elegant as possible to adapt to the shape of the key in a natural way. A thin and simple silver chain bestows lightness and grace to the whole piece. 

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Wear your favorite typewriter key on your finger through a gender-free and comfortable design. Every ring is adjustable (no predetermined size) so you can open it or close it to fit any finger of your choice. Every piece is unique and unrepeatable since no two keys are the same. Each one belongs to particular typewriter. 

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Probably the most special collection of all since it is very difficult to find similar keys or keys that belong to a same model. When this magic happens, I combine both keys to blend them into a pair that still bare the uniqueness of each key. 

It is a creative process in which I let my imagination flow to come along new ideas or possible combinations to bring to you the most amazing and funny typewriter earrings. Every holder es 100% silver.

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  • Care Instructions

    As all the keys are made out of metal, paper and glass, it is recommended not to expose them to water to protect the paper from getting wet. Remember that these are antique pieces between 70 and 100 years old. Treat them with care and love and they will last another century!

  • Materials

    All the necklaces come with a 100% silver chain and a 100% silver jump ring (the little circular ring that connects the chain and the key holder). The material of the key holder and the ring contains nickel. 

  • Dimensions

    Key: 15mm
    Chain: 45cm

    Ring: Rings are all one size. The are open so you can adjust it to any finger (for men with bigger hands, it normally fits in the pinky finger and the ring finger).